Video: Middlefield Teen Embraces Heritage with Bagpipes

Connor Stewart has been playing the instrument for three years and will perform this weekend at a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Chester.


The bagpipes are a natural fit for Connor Stewart.

The Middlefield teen was introduced to the instrument by his father, who played the bagpipes during his military service.

"I saw pictures of him and videos of him playing them. I was always interested in my heritage because I'm Scottish and this is a Scottish instrument," says Connor, a freshman at Coginchaug High School.

Connor practices on a chanter, a flute-like device, several times a week. The biggest challege, he says, is developing the strength in his lungs to be able to fill the bag with air.

During performances, Connor wears a kilt, a traditional wardrobe in his family's native Scotland.

"It's a lot different than wearing pants, I can say that. If you play the bagpipes you have to wear the kilt," he says. Connor recently added a traditional Scottish pouch known as a Sporran to his wardrobe.

Connor will be performing on St. Patrick's Day at St. Joseph Church in Chester.

"It's been a good experience, it's built a lot of character I think. People have actually seen what I can do."

Learn more about the Great Highland Bagpipe.


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