Starry Nights up on the Ridge

New resident enjoys many of Middlefield's scenic views, outdoor activities

Just past Dinosaur Park on Powder Hill Road the other night, I stopped to gaze up at the stars. Oh, to wish on a shooting star! 

Such a childish game, but one that turns this adult into the same sweet kid I was then; sitting on my swingset back home in Mississippi all those dreamy summer nights ago! 

At long last, I have found my dream home, right here in Middlefield. Except it's not just a house, quite the contrary, it is the place.  I love the fact that last summer I could walk out my front door and within just a few footsteps dangle my toes into Lake Beseck!  

I still think back to swimming last summer with the kids in my neighborhood, and then diving under my neighbor's floating dock to see the family of fish living underneath it, safely out of fishermen's reach! These kids have "pet" fish all of their very own, except their fish aren't in a fish tank; they are just out there in the wild, you know, being fish!  Just the thoughts of it make me smile! And I had no idea that fishing through ice could be done, so "Look out little guys, here they come!"

It is so amazing to me, coming from a place that had little snow and no sustained temperatures below freezing, that the lake turns into a recreational haven in winter here. With amazement, I have walked across a frozen Beseck Lake this winter to find trails up through the King Property, all public open space, and walk and walk until I start to feel lost in a wonderland of white snow.   

And a short car ride away, I can gaze upon nature's wondrous falls in Rockfall and daydream.  Just listening to the sounds of the water brings me back to some of my favorite childhood memories. 

My mind returns to Grandma MiMi's house in Chunky, Mississippi which was situated next to a small farm.  Many a day she spent walking me through the fields, past the sandy beaches, and to the Chunky River tributaries.  We'd sit and watch the Amtrak or CSX trains rush over the Chunky River bridges several times a day. 

Middlefield happens to offer all of the things I grew up loving as a child, and I think my soul knew I'd found a new home when I moved here!

If you haven't been outside to enjoy some of the natural beauty of Middlefield, don't miss the opportunity to do so.  While your feet will be walking, you may catch yourself thinking "Oh Spring, hurry up and get here, so Middlefield can bloom again!" 

But enjoy the sounds of the winter 'silence'.


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