Let's Meet Eileen Kukish

The director of Notre Dame's RCIA team.

Name: Eileen Kukish

Town: Durham

How long have you lived in town? 27 years

What do you like best about the town? Notre Dame Parish!

What do you like least about the town? The power outages. I thought we had a lot of outages when we lived up north but since moving to Durham…

Where do you work? Substitute teacher with the Board of Education in Middletown.


Place to eat: Luce Restaurant in Middletown

Place to visit: Block Island and the Thimble Islands which my husband and I recently discovered after living here many years

Fondest memories of town: The Memorial Day parades. I love the connection to history, the small town atmosphere of the community coming together

A recent accomplishment: That would have to be the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) program at Notre Dame. (Eileen took over as director of the Notre Dame RCIA team in 2010 and has done a superb job of helping adults learn about the Catholic faith and enter the Catholic Church as Catholic Christians.)

Any personal thoughts you’d like to share with Patch? I work to support my flower and gardening habit. I enjoy spending time in my yard gardening and watching all the creatures…birds, frogs and squirrels scampering around the yard


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