Lightning Knocks Neighbor's Tree into Family's Pool

As tornado warnings were issued throughout Saturday, the Grippo family had an unwelcome visitor in their back yard on East Street in Middletown when lighting hit a neighbor's tree — and it fell into their pool.


When on Saturday, after a day of tornado watches around the state, Callie Grippo had the shock of a lifetime when a neighbor's tree fall into her pool at her home on East Street.

against this November, told Patch, "A giant tree in my back yard got hit by lightning and fell on my pool fence and into the pool. It missed my husband by less than five minutes. Thank you God. That was terrifying. It is not our tree but apparently it is now. Yikes!!"

Durham folks know the family from the Mobil gas station it owns at 349 Main St.

By 8 a.m. Sunday morning, Grippo said, the chainsaw was fired up and she was back on the campaign trail — walking around Middletown and meeting folks. "The best part of this campaign is being able to tell them what you want to change and believing in your heart that you can make a difference."

"A lot of politicians forget that YOU work for the people not the other way around," Grippo shared on her Facebook page.


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