Durham Residents – Especially Durham Water Company Customers - Information from Connecticut Water Company



 You may have heard of various incidents around the state over the past several weeks about people posing as ‘water company’ employees who have attempted to gain entry into a home to rob the homeowner. Please do not allow any access to anyone who cannot produce a photo identification.


 Connecticut Water Company will be using its telephone notification system to raise awareness of this issue with its customers. Over the next few days they will be calling all of their customers throughout the state, including those in our community, advising them not to let anyone into their home who says they are a water company employee unless they can provide a photo identification.


 This is not a response to a specific incident but rather is a proactive measure to help protect customers from these types of incidents. This message is informational only.


 If you have questions about this message, feel free to call the Connecticut Water Company customer service team at 1-800-286-5700.


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