Who's Responsible For Steelers Continued Loss?

The Steelers aren't having one of their best seasons but there is a very good explanation why.

Well, the Steelers lost again this weekend. This is becoming a sad, sad trend.

And in these times of disappointment, it's only natural to try and find the cause for all these losses. Could it be the result of injuries? Could it be that good plays were no where to be found?

I'd like to tell you that it's that simple but sadly, that's not the truth.

If you want to point a finger of responsibility, point it at these two people in the picture above. (Not the baby - she's an innocent bystander).

True, they may look sweet and innocent but don't be fooled by the smiles. After Sunday's game they both blatantly admitted to not holding up their end of the victory stick for the black and gold.  

Back in the 70's, this mother and son fan team took on the responsibility of Steeler victory by pledging to faithfully watch the games as well as do the following:


  • Always wear a Steeler jersey that corresponds with a home or away game.
  • Always wear a Steeler hat and wear it appropriately for corresponding plays.
  • Bill forward for offense, bill backwards for defense.
  • Scream at the television with vigor and vim.
  • Attempt to trip, injure or make members of the opposing team fumble by  using "the force."


  • Always wear a Steeler jersey
  • Always carry her terrible towel
  • Always busy her hands by knitting (in order to ease the team's stress and tension)

They also agreed to be persistent in any behavior that causes the team to score points or win. For example, if Hal finds that when he jumps up and down on his left foot, the Steelers get a touchdown, he must continue to jump up and down on his left foot for the duration of the season.

Unfortunately for Steeler fans everywhere, these two culprits have been shirking on their duties. I am overwhelmed with grief and disappointment over their flagrant disregard of these vitally important roles they each play. I shake my head in judgmental disapproval.

Hal often watches the game, and it pains me to say this, wearing no jersey at all.  Sometimes he doesn't even wear his hat and because of this, plays are often lost or never happen at all. When I think of all the tragedy that lies in the wake of his irresponsibility, it brings me to tears. 

Ellie lost her terrible towel and will often put down her knitting in order to eat a slice of pizza or drink a cup of coffee during the game. This past weekend, while the team was ahead at halftime, they paused the game on DVR and went to run an errand. It didn't matter that they were having pictures taken of themselves in their Steeler gear, the harm had already been done. Because of their selfish actions, the ju ju was irrevocably damaged and the team went on to lose.

We all know that it's not about luck or athletic ability or weather or injuries. It doesn't matter if they DVR'd the game and are watching it hours after it's completion, they are still 100 percent responsible for the outcome and based on their lack of follow through, the team and a fans around the world are left to face heart-crushing disappointment.  

Something must be done about this travesty! They must be held accountable for their actions! If only something had been done sooner and these two would have gotten themselves on track, the Steelers might have had a fighting chance this year.

May the losses weigh heavy on their shoulders through the end of the season.  And may God have mercy on their souls!

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Hal Yost November 27, 2012 at 11:15 AM
So true...


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